Monday, September 14, 2009

Something’s Gotta Give…

For all those familiar with my body of work, the title and the rest of this piece of writing may come as surprise (Ah well it may just be a shock!). Anyway, so here it goes.
I have been accustomed to writing, reading, thinking and reading about politics, the economy, war and the likes. You may think this is some old author whose books have occupied the history reference section in a library, picked up seldom but only by the courageous (at their own peril, of course). However, I hate to break it to you I am seventeen going on eighteen. And this is going to be an account of what I am as a teenager beyond the politics, economy and war. This is my first piece of writing about me and not a distant hypothesis of an event gone by.
At first I thought why I should be writing such a piece of work. Well, after great rumination I reached the conclusion- its closure. A teenager talking, debating and arguing about subjects and issues that have only international ramifications (in other words absolutely nothing to do with me!) is often seen as being unique (well, unusual would describe that better, just being nice to myself). As many of my tribe who are caught between being classified as nerds and simply different. Anyone who thinks the above description fits a nerd you will be mistaken. Teenager such as I do not do half as well in academically as anyone would expect.
There have been instances often enough in my short in my life of close to eighteen years when I have felt and reacted in a way teenager would have. Those moments are met with sudden disbelief and a sense of complete alienation from those gratuitous individuals whom I like to call my peers. Well, that is understandable given the uniqueness of my character or as I like to think of it.
After giving you a brief perspective of the individual I am with my various facets mostly contradictory in nature, I come down to the real intention behind this sneak peek into the life of The Sidhant Kumar Marwah (arrogant much, eh? Well, hell yeah!).
The past few months saw a tectonic shift in my life. Friends who I held most dear but were in a stage in life ahead of mine finally moved on. Got on to their lives and prospective careers (might I say potentially illustrious careers!). However here I was facing the last year of school. Feeling alone yet trying my level best to focus on things other than those two wonderful birds that had of course taken flight.
I needed to at this time by popular demand (not so popular with me though!) get down to serious ‘academic’ work putting on hold my non academic pursuits and passions. Now I know why an old friend of mine always said “A poet without a pen is like an alcoholic without his prized bottle of scotch”. Touché wise one, I see it happening to me. So here I was an alcoholic without his prized bottle of scotch. A poet without his pen. And it was apparent to me a teenager without a BFF ( if you know what I mean!).
This phase drew to a close when another potential BFF came around, might I add another wonderful bird. There was an old song that began playing in my mind quite loudly “Why must I be a Teenager in Love?” There you have it the teenager in me kicked in! However, it is not a simple as it seems (well, nothing is if you are me).
There was a twist in the story, a climax in the movie. There was a Third Front ( can’t stay away from political long enough can I?!). Well, a teenager would fume at the third front, make all attempts to destroy the very idea of it or should I say him. This was not to be. The mature me reestablished its supremacy. And I only 'thought' of killing him. However, he is no hero to me now, I still hate his guts and so does the bird for reasons completely distinct from those I spoke of earlier.
I thought my encounter with my teenager self was over and I was back to what I consider most normal. As I said earlier nothing non complex happens to me. The teenager was back with the same song playing aloud the same song- “Why must I be a Teenager in Love?” And there we go again. This time it was when I was being my absolute self standing up for what was right, an epitome of moral rectitude (oh balderdash!). Anyway, so here I was doing what I do best in the mean time saving a damsel in distress. Well, at least apparently to me. However this damsel never seemed even a potential bird. “Why must I be a Teenager in Love?” rings loudly in my mind as before. And then another climax (usually a film has one but it’s me you know it has to be lavish!).
One has always heard history repeats itself or history is circular not linear. However, what the scholars forgot to add was that history repeats itself and completes a full circle sooner than anyone would think. The return of the Third Party (a new one of course!). The realization of this vulture’s existence (not being mean but the tongue of course has to be firmly placed in the cheek!) shrieked the ascent of the teenager in love to a sudden halt.
And then I thought to myself. Just wait a minute, this ain’t me darlin’! This will extract me from an elite tribe of young men and throw me into the general category. I am not going to be associated with a classification that is less than unique. I threw it all up! Indo-Pak relations, drought, the economic crises here I come!
This journey that I took without having the remotest idea of what was about to hit me, was entirely desirable and good fun! If I were to write a book on my life this chapter would be called- An almost Teenager Almost in Love. As this chapter draws to a close I am wiser with the realization that the teenager in me must be let out at times and must have a role in everything that I do. Also, I end this chapter I am more prosperous with a petite damsel as my BFF and the second petite damsel gave me a rare friendship that most would envy. This was for you!
P.S BFF=bird. For anyone who would wonder it to be equivalent to something remotely romantic.